Rating🏆 Jade Dynasty: Private servers for all tastes

Here are the best Jade Dynasty private servers to dive back into the exciting adventures or discover this fascinating MMORPG from a new side. PvP battles, classic gameplay or a sea of fanfare - the choice is yours!

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Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic! This official-style server will take you back in time... Ascension expansion - 5 playable classes Official style - pure official gameplay Green Jade - uncheatable vote currency usable in web shop Referral program - invite your friends to get Green Jade and other bonuses Green Jade for being online - every hour in game will grant you small amount of Green Jade Resurrection of old events - Hanebu Boxes, Bilu and many more Clan migration rewards - Bring group of friends to our server to get rewards!

Version: 5.2.0
Type: Classics
Rate: x1

Jade Dynasty – a mesmerizing MMORPG with an oriental flavor, has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. Even years later, it continues to attract with its unique atmosphere and exciting gameplay. That is why Jade Dynasty private servers are so popular. They give you the opportunity to dive back into your favorite game, experience nostalgia or discover it from a new perspective. Our top JD servers provides a list of private projects, where every player will find something special for himself.

Types of Jade Dynasty private servers

  • Classic - As close as possible to the original version of the game, ideal for nostalgic players.
  • PvP - With an emphasis on player confrontation, suitable for fans of competitive gameplay.
  • Fun - With increased experience and drop rates, allowing you to progress faster and enjoy the game.
  • Low Rate - With lower rates, offering a more challenging and hardcore gameplay experience.

JD Private Server Versions

Jade Dynasty is available in different versions, each with its own features and benefits:

  • v - 1.2.4 - Classic, perfect for nostalgic players.
  • v -  1.3.6 - Improved graphics and optimization, preserving the atmosphere of the original game.
  • v - 2.2.8 - New locations, monsters and quests added, expanding the game world.
  • v - 3.0.1 - Significant changes to class balance and combat system.
  • v - 3.0.9 - Introduced new events and activities for players.
  • v - 3.1.1 - Interface and gameplay improvements.
  • v - - Massive update with new classes, skills and content.
  • v - 4.2.0 - Performance optimizations and bug fixes.
  • v -  4.4.0 - Added new dungeons and raids for experienced players.
  • v -  4.6.0 - Improvements to guild system and social interaction.
  • v - - Major update with new territories, quests and events.
  • v -  5.1.0 - Introduction of achievement and reward system.
  • v -  5.2.0 - Latest version with balance edits and new content.

Each version represents a step in the development of the game, reflecting the developers' efforts to improve and expand the game experience. These updates range from minor technical changes to major gameplay innovations, each of which leaves its own mark on the history of Jade Dynasty.

Benefits of Jade Dynasty's private servers

  • The ability to choose the version that best suits your preferences.
  • A variety of types, allowing you to find the perfect balance between complexity and enjoyment.
  • A vibrant community of players ready to help newcomers and share the joy of adventure.
  • Regular updates and events that keep the game interesting.

For JD server admins:

If you own a Jade Dynasty server, showcase it on our site and attract new players who want to join your unique world. Together we are creating a place where every project and its community can thrive!"